Water4Ethiopia is an independent charity founded in April 2009 with the aim of increasing clean water access, hygiene and sanitation levels in Ethiopia.

The charity was founded as a result of one of the trustees, Andrew McAllister, spending the summer of 2008 in Ethiopia and seeing for himself how small donations from Europe really can and do change and save lives in Ethiopia.

Water is a necessity for life, yet drinking unclean and contaminated water is also one of the biggest killers. An estimated 250,000 children die from drinking unclean water each year in Ethiopia.

Drinking, cooking and washing in contaminated water can leave communities easily open to illnesses such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, sickness and diarrhoea, as well as the deadly malaria.

Globally, diarrhoea is the leading cause of illness and death, and 88% of diarrhoeal deaths are due to a lack of access to sanitation facilities, together with an inadequate availability of water for hygiene and unsafe drinking water. (World Health Organisation)

For more details of how Water4Ethiopia works and the projects in which it is involved please visit the website:


Woodmancote Church has supported the work of Water4Ethiopia and had the opportunity of inviting Andrew McAllister to speak about his work.  Andrew was accompanied by Mark Banwell who had gone to Ethiopia, as a volunteer, to work on one of the projects in which Water4Ethiopia is involved.  By clicking on the link below you can listen to their presentation: 




Andrew McAllister and Mark Banwell speaking at Woodmancote Church on 10th April 2013