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Congregational list  means a list of Regular Worshippers and others who attend or who are associated with (by past attendance or family relationship etc) Woodmancote Church.  The Congregational List will be reviewed at least once a year by the Leadership Team and updated appropriately at the discretion of the Leadership Team

Regular Worshipper means any person whose name appears on the Congregational List with the suffix (RW)

Any person (aged 18 years or above) whose name appears on the Congregational List who desires to be recognised as a Regular Worshipper may make a request in writing to the Leadership Team (in the form set out in Appendix 1) [see Footnote 1] at any time but not less than 14 days before a Church Meeting at which, if they were a Regular Worshipper, they would be entitled to vote. All Regular worshippers shall reaffirm in writing their desire to be recognised as a Regular Worshipper to the Leadership Team (in the form set out in Appendix 2) [see Footnote 1] annually or at such other regular intervals as shall be decided at the discretion of the Leadership Team

Being a member of the Church of Christ entails both privileges and responsibilities. It is expected that those who are considered Regular Worshippers should be:


We acknowledge that:

Those appointed as leaders must be given the opportunity to discharge the responsibilities described below. However they also have a commitment to listen to Regular Worshippers and to involve them the ongoing life and ministry of the church.  

To achieve these objectives: 


 The "calling" of a Minister (Pastor) requires the involvement of the Trustees of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion - who in principle are required by The Scheme (The Connexion’s Trust Document) to approve the appointment of a Minister to a local congregation. The minister (pastor) with the help and support of the other Leadership Team members, will be responsible for:

The Appointment Process

 The appointment of a Minister (Pastor) shall take place at a specially convened Church meeting which normally will be chaired by a member of the Trustees. At least three quarters of the Regular Worshippers must vote in favour of the nominee being called to the Pastorate.  



The size of the team will be commensurate with the number of suitably gifted Regular Worshippers. However, in practice it is unlikely that Leadership Team members will be greater than 10-15% of Regular Worshippers. The Leadership Team may appoint (but will not be obliged to do so) from within their number a Church Secretary and Treasurer. Details of these appointments will be announced as necessary during a Sunday service.  

The Appointment Process


Leadership Team - Areas of Responsibility:

General issues:

Promotion of spiritual growth through:

Caring through:

Administration and Finance:

Management of Premises and Equipment:



Any such group shall submit their rules, if appropriate, and names of leaders (who must be Regular Worshippers) to the Leadership Team for confirmation before being made public.

All leaders who are working with children and young people would be subject to scrutiny and subject to all relevant legislation and guidelines.

Requests to use the Church premises for all special and occasional meetings must be made to a member of the Leadership Team

No group or individual can use the premises for a private function or activity without written permission from the Leadership Team.

Any proposed alteration of, or addition to, the church rules, shall be circulated to all Regular Worshippers for consideration prior to a Church Meeting.

FOOTNOTE 1:  The forms previously set out in Appendices 1 and 2 have been amalgamated and revised.  The current form of application can be viewed here

FOOTNOTE 2:  The form of nomination for appointment to the Leadership Team can be viewed here